The plague of emoji insertion in french docs

The plague of emoji insertion in french docs
Photo by Daniel Páscoa / Unsplash

A thumbs-up emoji appears each time you type a colon : in Google Docs, in french.

I have just noticed that it is now possible to easily insert emojis in Google Docs!
Good news?
Not for french writers!

This feature already exists in Outlook on the Web: when you type a colon :, a list of emojis appears, and you select the one you want. Not a bother in english, where the diacritics are different. In english, there's no space before the colon character. When you want to write a list of things for example, you type :, then press Enter.

However, it is different in french. There's a space before the colon character. The emoji feature detects that sequence of characters, and considers you want to add an emoji.

It means that each and every time you type a colon in french, a list of emoji appears. You have to press Escape key to be able to press Enter and keep writing. If you don't press Escape, a 👍 emoji will appear each time.

This is well illustrated with the following recording:

I ignored this feature with Outlook. I might use Outlook on the Web like once a week to write an email.

But I spend my days on Google Docs, to write documents that are pages and pages long, and this is going to be a nightmare.

PS: I know our friends at Google are already aware of the problem

PSS: Discussion on Hacker News