Hello World! or a WordPress based blog

Hello World! or a WordPress based blog

Hello everyone,

This is the first post of a casual blog about technical stuff I work on. It’ll probably be mainly Linux and Cisco things. It’s intended for you guys – so don’t hesitate to leave comments – but also for me as a repository of experiments and experiences.


This whole blog machinery is based on WordPress, so let’s talk about it.

I was at first looking for a free online blog, allowing me to create articles in the style of Vivek’s blog nixCraft. I quickly heard about WordPress but I was not too sure about what it was. I soon understood it’s :

  • free
  • open-source
  • quite standard

But don’t mix WordPress and WordPress :

  • WordPress.com : a free blog website, managed by the creators of WordPress.org
  • WordPress.org : a web software to be put on your website. I thought at first it was some kind of local OpenOffice software, creating html files to be uploaded to your website. But it’s actually an entire online content management solution. It means you’ll have to upload it to your website, and it has some requirements.

WordPress installation

I won’t explain the whole installation process again. It’s available on the WordPress.org website (in french, just go down the page). Just know you have 2 requirements :

  • PHP-compatible webserver
  • MySQL database

Following these instruction, it was so easy to install.

My website provider is the french 1and1. They are ok. On their administration platform, you have to do this to install WordPress :

  • change PHP version to 5 : click on Webspace / Version Global PHP
  • create a MySQL database : Webspace / Administration de MySQL, create a db with the name you want. Save the infos for when modifying the wp-config.php file during configuration of WordPress
  • upload the zip archive of your modified WordPress : Espace Web / 1&1 Web Transfert. There you can unzip the archive in the desired directory
    • Caution 1 : zip all the WordPress files in one directory, named after the path you want for your blog. For example : blog/ for www.tellnet.fr/blog/
    • Caution 2 : unzip the thus-created archive in the right 1&1 directory in your diskspace. For example : not at the root of your diskspace, but in the actual directory containing your website (for me, it was some directory beginning with “wbs…”)